LA - Bron!!! The New King of Hollywood

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Welcome to Bronnywood!!! LeBron James has just flipped the NBA world on it's head again. This time by joining the house that Magic built!  The King has made his ultimate decision to sign with the Lakers for a reported  four-year, $154 million deal! What does this mean for the NBA? The Cavs? and Warriors? Now that the Lakers have the king, who's the next piece to join LA Bron in Bronnywood? Kawhi? Boogie? Whomever it is, they have to be ready to give it their all because at the age of 33, LeBron has to be thinking championship or bust. With such a monumental move the NBA has been in a frenzy! Joel Embiid of the 76ers tweeted "The Lakers are FOREVER gonna be Kobe's and Magic's team.... Process that". There are so many questions that are still unknown about this move! Are the Lakers big enough for both LeBron and Lavar Ball? Will Golden State add another piece to once again 1 up Lebron? Whatever happens, you better believe Hoopers Coalition will keep you up to date with everything sports related. Let Us know what you think. Comment below. 


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